The Kuching Hockien Association has its roots in the Hong San Si Temple. In 1871 the Hockien Kongsi (福建公司) grew out of the temple management to help settle Hokkien immigrants in Sarawak and to mediate between them and the Brooke government, as well as between the Hokkien themselves. Ong Ewe Hai served as the first chair and was succeeded by his eldest son Ong Tiang Swee at the end of the 19th century.

The organisation was renamed the Hockien Association in 1930, but continued to be dominated by Chinchew (Quanzhou) and Chiangchew (Zhangzhou) Hokkien. It was in 1942, by order of the Japanese Occupation government, that the association opened its doors to all Hokkien.

The association founded Hokkien School (福建学校) in 1912, which joined with other Chinese-speaking schools to form Chung Hua Primary School No. 1 in 1946. The association currently manages the Hong San Si Temple as well as the Ching San Yen Temple – an old temple at Muara Tebas – and a number of Chinese cemeteries.

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