Around 1840 there were a small number of Hainanese in Carpenter Street and China Street. In 1878, Hin Ho Bio was already present at Carpenter Street. The temple was renovated following the Kuching Great Fire 1884. In the early years, new Hainanese migrants lived in the temple while looking for permanent places and jobs. The temple also served as a martial art hall and a social gathering place for the Hainanese. It used to operate as a school too.

In 1930, Hin Ho Bio established the Kheng Kiaw Gong Suo and renamed it as Kheng chew Association in 1951. The temple has a major uplift in 1987 and the renovation ended in 1991. On the subsequent year, Kuching Kheng Chew Association changed its name to Kuching Hainan Association.





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