The Tai Poo peoples from Cha Yang town arrived in Kuching at the beginning of the 20th century. They were mainly engaged in the tin smith, traditional medicine, noodles businesses. In 1916, the Tai Poo clan established “Pu Yi Gong Suo” (埔邑公所). Four years later, the association bought a three storey shop (Shop no. 43) at Carpenter Street and turned it into the association office. On the roof top, a small altar is set up to worship the God of Prosperity.

In 1923, Pu Yi Gong Suo operated Tai Tung School until 1930s. The school then merged with the Gong Min School which was operated by Kaying Community Association. The merged school was under the management of Sarawak Hakka Association. In 1951, the association changed its name to Tai Poo Association. In the 1960s, the association moved to its present location at Tabuan Road.





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