The Bishop’s Gate at the end of Carpenter Street once marked the boundary between the Old Bazaar and the grounds of the Anglican mission. In the past, many children who lived in the Old Bazaar would pass through the gate to attend the Anglican school in the small wooden house just beyond it. In the 1990s, construction on the new Jalan Wawasan, connecting Wayang Street with Padang Merdeka, cut through the area. The gate, obsolete, was reduced to a small section of brick wall.

In 1909, Sun Yat-sen’s close associate Wang Ching Wei (汪精卫) came to Kuching to rally support for the Xinhai Revolution. The small wooden house behind the Bishop’s Gate was the site of his speech and where he gave the name Khee Meng Sia (启明社, “Enlightenment Society”) to the Chinese organisation that offered support for the revolution. Wang’s later alliance with Imperial Japan during the Second World War earned him lasting infamy among the Chinese.





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