Au Yong Wai Choi was born in Guang Zhou in 1931. When he was 16 years old, he moved from Guang Zhou to Hong Kong surviving on odd jobs. From Hong Kong he travelled to Kuching and stayed with his paternal aunt and uncle-in-law who are childless. He worked as an apprentice at the rented shop belonging to his aunt. The frame making shop was shop no. 12 at Bishopsgate street. When his uncle-in-law passed away, Au Yong Wai Choi took over the business.

The shop environment was not very ideal earlier with dirty and old looking shop front. After some renovation, the appearance of the shop was transformed and improved. The original shop owner was into glass making business. The shop owner taught Au Yong the method of glass cutting and also introduced businesses to him. The shop was then sold to Au Yong at the price of 10,000 dollars. Au Yong paid slowly through instalments and by the age of 21, he officially owned the shop. He moved and stayed at the back of the shophouse. Au Yong retired at the age of 90 years old after investing 70 years as a frame maker. His business is now taken care of by his two sons.





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