Ng Bak Choon was born in the Chao’an district of Guandong, China in 1869. As a young man, he made his way to Pontianak in West Kalimantan, where he worked at a sundry shop. Later he turned his sights to Kuching and founded his shop Siang Hak Huat (上合发) at No. 10 Main Bazaar. He chanced to gain the confidence of the 2nd Rajah, Charles Brooke, who entrusted him with the development of vast swaths of land at Chawan Road and Simpang Tiga.

Around 1910, Ng Bak Choon established the Siang Hak Huat Farm (上合发园) on Chawan Road. It practiced mixed farming on a large scale, raising cash crops like rubber, peanut and various fruits and vegetables as well as livestock such as fish, pig and chicken. On top of his thriving businesses, the Teochew entrepreneur was elected to the chair of Soon Hong Kongsi (顺丰公司), predecessor of the Teochew Association.

The Ng commercial empire included, in addition to the 560 acres of the Siang Hak Huat Farm, large tracts of land located at Tabuan Road (also called Sa Kak Bo), Central Road, even in Musi and Kanowit. In the 1920s, Ng Bak Choon was directed by the rajah to build 36 shophouses at Batu Kawa, replacing the old shops of Sekubang. He passed away aged 65 in 1933.






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