At the beginning of the 20th century, a 20 over years old Ho Nyen Foh made the long sea voyage from Shuangkeng village in Taipu County of Guang Dong to Kuching. Under the recommendation of his fellow village folks, he worked as an apprentice in a tinsmith shop. When he has mastered the craft, he rented half of shop no. 16 at Bishopsgate street and put up the shop sign of “Ho Nyen Foh”. As his business developed, he managed to bring his wife and children from Taipu.

As of today, the tinsmith craft has been passed down to the third generation. The present owner is Ho Chin Hin and his wife. Their uncle, 85 years old Ho Swee Neng is still very active in tin smithing. He is usually seen sitting on a low stool concentrating in making tins products. All the tools found in the shop were inherited from the first generation of their forefather.





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