Sundry shops were the main business model during the early days at the Old Bazaar. Apart from food and daily supplies, one can also find local products in these shops, such as jungle birds’ nests, sandalwood, camphor, rattan, trifoliate, oxskin, hornbill’s horns, and crests, etc. On top of that, they also sold coconuts, rubber, gula apong, pepper, belacan, etc.

These products did not only come from the surrounding areas but also originated from the Dayaks who lived in the landlocked or even coastal areas. With their goods, they would either row their boats or walk to the Old Bazaar with their baskets on their backs in order to trade with the Chinese businessmen. Therefore, it was a regular sight to see the bosses standing in front of their shops deep in discussion with the Dayaks. These trades were also not necessarily monetary in nature. Barter trading was a common practice as the Dayaks would use these local products to exchange for food and daily supplies.

Mural artist:Leonard Siaw


壁画 – 土产交易




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